Columbus City Hall
20 April 2021

Joe Motil, former Columbus City Council candidate and outspoken critic of Columbus City Council’s decades-long charade of its musical chair schemes to maintain control and power of City Council, has announced the selection of running...

Collage of faces from Zoom
12 April 2021

The April Free Press Second Saturday Cyber-Salon was about “Earth Politics” facilitated by long-time Free Press Board member and activist Mark Stansbery.

See video here


Joe Motil
05 April 2021

This evening City Council passed an ordinance allocating its annual payment from the Hotel/Motel Excise Tax to the Affordable Housing Trust Fund. The fund receives 8.43 percent of this Excise Tax which amounted to $976,000. The...

Words Columbus Media Insider
29 March 2021

The Republicans in the Ohio legislature voted to take over the operation of the State Health Department so that Gov. Mike DeWine could no longer order Ohioans to wear masks, stay 6-feet apart and stop congregating.

The governor...

09 March 2021


COVID-19 has diminished the average U.S. lifespan by an entire year, but Black Americans and those of Latin American origin have lost 2.7 and 1.9 years respectively, according to the CDC. Overrepresented in essential...

US Rep Tim Ryan
27 February 2021

Letters, I write letters ...

Dear Liz Walters, Ohio Democratic Party Chair:

You've been in office for more than a month now and nothing is happening.

Oh, you're meeting with loyal Democrats,...


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