Two signs saying Truth and Lies
20 July 2024

The recent assassination attempt on former President Donald Trump has highlighted a deeply troubling trend in American politics: the pervasive spread of misinformation and conspiracy theories. Following the incident at a rally in...

Trump and Biden from the recent TV debate
15 July 2024

Let’s face it: Donald Trump is in a stronger position than ever to win a second term in November, with his active supporters even more motivated in the wake of the shooting Saturday. Preventing a Trump victory is now unlikely. But we...

Map of hot weather
26 June 2024


We well know by now that Trump remains the undisputed leader of the Republican Party and seemingly has the unwavering support of an electoral base numbering in the tens...

01 June 2024

A grassroots coalition of queer and trans people of color, anti-Zionist Jews, and community organizers demands an end to the Israeli pink-washing of the genocide against Palestinians. The Free Palestine Coalition calls for a...


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