Cheryl posing
30 March 2024


In 2016, an unlikely candidate defeated the incumbent Franklin County Treasurer, Ed Leonard in the primary. As an incumbent with the backing of the Democratic Party, Leonard ran a reserved campaign for what he thought would be...

Waving Palestinian flag
18 March 2024

Israel fooled everyone and Dublin fooled me. First, Israel claimed with zero evidence that Hamas has beheaded 40 babies and raped hundreds of women on October 7 and even got President Biden to claim he saw it! When the world heard the...

Netanyahu and Trump
09 March 2024

The twin slaughters in Gaza and Ukraine spew from the ghastly evil of four awful men focused on destroying democracy itself---Netanyahu, Sinwar, Putin and Trump.

Ending those wars demands naming and ousting the perpetrators.

Joe Motil
05 March 2024

City of Columbus officials are now doing what they should have done in early 2023 to prevent their repeated blunders and resulting harms concerning the Greyhound/Barons bus depot on North Wilson Road.

A March 1, 2024 email from...

Columbus skyline
20 February 2024

Suggestion to Ohio State University:

To pay for owing the former basketball coach $13 million  for firing him with years remaining on his contract (and not waiting a few weeks until the season ends), sell the president’s...

11 February 2024

Reprinted with new introduction for the elementary literacy education of the Ohio  State Legislature, February 2024

As a historian of literacy, I published this critique of so-called “financial literacy...


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