Title of movie
08 October 2020

I hope everyone is holding up in these crazy times! To help boost morale (and a belief in democracy again!) we've decided to put all of our short political documentaries onto one Overbites Pictures Vimeo channel! This includes my first...

Book cover
30 September 2020

As Election Day creeps ever nearer, we’ve been inundated with nonfiction books and films telling us just how dangerous and inept the current occupant of the Oval Office is. In the last month or so alone, I’ve seen...

Black man
16 September 2020

In response to the impact COVID-19 has taken on local performing artists, the Lincoln Theatre Association will launch the Lincoln Living Room Concert Series. For three consecutive Fridays beginning September 11, this free video series...

15 September 2020

On September 15th, Columbus community will join Julius Tate’s family for an evening of poetry with local artists. This evening will honor Tate’s life through celebrating him and all lost from police murder. The march gathers at 5:30 PM...

Fire on the horizon
24 August 2020

The first 10 minutes of Rebuilding Paradise are harrowing.
Ron Howard’s documentary is mostly about the aftermath of the November 2018 “Camp Fire” in Paradise, California, but first it shows us the fire...

Art on wall saying Black Lives Matter
14 August 2020
Want to support the Black Lives Matter movement AND bring home some rad local art? The Vanderelli Room will be hosting an open-air silent auction on Friday, September, 11th from 5pm to 8:30pm!


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