04 September 2021
Sept 10 - 12 on the Douglass School yard
51 Douglass St
This community treasure will have a smaller footprint in a different OldeTown East spot, this year. Still expect your favorite things like Art Cars, Kid's Activities...
White man
04 August 2021

A 1963 landmark meeting that helped change the course of civil rights in America provides the centerpiece in the world premiere of “When Your Soul Cries,” a two- act drama by Columbus playwright Rich Bloom.

Bloom said the play is...

Book cover
30 July 2021

Dennis Kucinich was a hero of mine.

His newly released book, The Division of Light and Power (Finney Avenue Books), is all about how he became a hero to me nearly five decades ago when he was first a Cleveland City...

Book cover
14 July 2021

Alabama and Argentina. Cleveland, Columbus, Cuba, and Czechoslovakia. Guinea, Haiti, and Kent. Mauritania and Mexico. New Jersey, New York, and Romania. Sierra Leone and South Sudan. Youngstown and Vietnam. 

What do these places...

Book cover
07 July 2021


No one was talking, and that pissed Jefferson off.

Torture was needed.

He was already being tortured, torn asunder by love and duty. He dialed O’Grady, to pass it on.

“You wanted to dust...

Book cover
19 June 2021



Toby rolled out of his bed and walked to the front door. He opened it and looked down, expecting to see his pile of papers, delivered to him by one of the nicest guys on the planet, Jake Adler,...


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