Elvis playing guitar and singing
30 July 2022

Director Baz Luhrmann (“Romeo+Juliet,” “Moulin Rouge” and “The Great Gatsby”) dials the notches up to 11 to tell the chaotic and electric story of Elvis Presley’s (Austin Butler) rise to unprecedented super-stardom to sudden tragedy in...

Woman lying in bed looking scared
18 July 2022

Margaret's (Rebecca Hall) life is in order. She's capable, disciplined, and successful. Soon, Abbie (Grace Kaufman), her teenage daughter, who Margaret raised by herself, will be going off to a fine university, just as Margaret had...

Book cover
10 July 2022

This past June 17 was the fiftieth anniversary of the break in of the Watergate Hotel. A surfeit of books have been written about this sorry episode in American history; indeed, two new ones have been published in the last few months....

Details about event
04 July 2022

The Columbus Black Theatre Festival (CBTF) celebrates its 10th Anniversary this July 9th and 10th in Central Ohio. The theme this year is Speaking Truth That Heals. Mine 4 God Productions (M4GP) kicks off our...

Book cover
30 June 2022

She is absolutely my favorite human rights activist and historical figure from the twentieth century. Who could not be in love with and awe of Fannie Lou Hamer?

A poor, black, Mississippi sharecropper with a sixth-grade education...

Book cover
21 June 2022

For all her decades of experience in politics and the ways of Washington, D.C., nothing had prepared Lady Bird Johnson for the role of First Lady. She and her husband were elevated to their offices under the worst circumstances...


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