05 February 2024

Annie who?

Detective Richardson rubbed his hand over his face in a weary gesture. He looked over his notes again. Suspects were many, but determining the murderer was going to be difficult. Shelia was on the list...

29 January 2024

I watched Mom lock the door after the policeman left and ducked out of sight so she wouldn’t see me. I was supposed to be upstairs in bed, but when she went to the bathroom to take her shower, I came down to the kitchen to get a drink...

White man pointing
24 January 2024

Is Jake Johnson the most likable actor in Hollywood? It’s hard to argue against it. His memorable roles include Nick Miller in “New Girl” and the voice of Peter B. Parker in “Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse.” Not only is he a talented...

22 January 2024

Lies Exposed 

Detective Richardson sat in his unmarked black police car, watching Sheila and Sara walking towards their house. Sheila was about three feet in front of Sara, walking fast, hips swinging from side to...

07 January 2024

The Discovery

This was not going to be a good day. The sky was cloudy, and the ground was still wet from the rain that poured down over Columbus all last night. I was walking hard and fast in my black army boots...

01 January 2024

Love and Happiness 

Sheila ordered a gin and juice from David, the bartender, and laid a dollar on the counter. She glanced at her watch and saw she had about two hours before her girls would get out of school. David...


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