18 December 2023

Young Men Die 

Detective Richardson stood in the front lobby of We Get You There cab company. The secretary, Mrs. Hanson, had offered him a chair, however, he preferred to stand rather than sit on the dirty...

11 December 2023


Sara was on her way to Annie’s house. She was listening to DJ Kurt Bishop on her pink transistor radio, holding it to her ear to hear it better as the cars and buses roared past her on Long Street. Sara...

04 December 2023

Missed Opportunities 

Jimmy sat at his desk in his office. The desk was cluttered with paper, logbooks, receipt books, pens and pencils, so much so that you couldn’t see the desktop. On the walls were posters of Jim...

27 November 2023

End of a Dream 

Shelia watched her girls as they ate their breakfast before school. She was leaning against the kitchen sink, smoking a cigarette. Sara was dressed in her usual pair of blue jeans with bell bottoms...

20 November 2023

Identity Reveal 

Detective Richardson leaned back in his Lazy Boy and stared at the ceiling fan directly over his head in his study. He took a long drag off his cigar, blowing the smoke out slowly as he thought about...

13 November 2023

Hot and Heavy 

Jimmy Brown got out of the shower and wrapped a large yellow bath towel around his fat waist.  He avoided looking at his image in the mirror. Once he had been young, handsome, slim and a “ladies’ man...


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