Two sandwiches on a plate
01 January 2020

4th and State just opened in downtown Columbus – literally on the northwest corner of 4th and State in December 2019. What an exciting opportunity for folks working in the area to have easily accessible, fully-vegan breakfast and lunch...

Food on a plate
05 December 2019

Nile Vegan Ethiopian Restaurant just opened in October 2019 on OSU campus on Worthington and 8th (so bring coins for the meters if you aren’t in walking distance or prone to public transit). Their owners are transplants from Toronto...

Soup looking concoction in a bowl
29 October 2019

Woodhouse Vegan Cafe and Space just launched in Italian Village on the corner of 4th and 1st off the 670 4th Street off-ramp in October. Their presence has transformed the vegan community restaurant footprint in Columbus with a level...

Sign in back of food at a grocery store saying Bienvenidos al de Saraga
02 October 2019

Saraga International Grocery is an expanding local trove of the exotic foods of other global cultures. As an American, even one who has served overseas for three years, I admit how ignorantly sheltered I’ve been from many palatal...

Four ice cream cones
04 September 2019

Freely Vegan is a local, vegan, top-8 allergen-free company that sells their products online at and at various events such as the Columbus Vegan Festival and It’s All Natural’...

A plate with lots of pasta and green foods on it
05 August 2019

SŌW Plated just opened three weeks ago in Upper Arlington strip on West Lane Avenue strip. They are a full-service, organic, made-from-scratch, locally-sourced vegan-friendly fine dining establishment with vegan and gluten-free options...


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