Drawing of a brightly colors pink pig against green grass and a blue sky with words Eat Fruit Not Friends
13 March 2019

Sunday, March 24th 4-6pm
Portia's Cafe 4428 Indianola Ave.
Wanna try something different and tap into your creative side? It's like "wine and canvas", but with snacks from Portia's Cafe instead! Cheyenne Dodge from Iris...

Asparagus on a plate with a brown drizzle across it
08 March 2019

Sat, March 9, 2-4pm
Ye’s Asian Vegan Kitchen, 2469 Hilliard-Rome Rd.
Are you new to veganism or trying to move from a vegetarian or animal-based diet to a vegan one? Or, have you been vegan forever and just became aware to...

Salad on a plate with a little cup of salad dressing at the side
05 February 2019

Chop5 Salad Kitchen is a new “create a chopped salad” concept sprouting up in the Polaris area. It makes getting your daily requirements for leafy greens, vegetables, legumes, fruits, and seeds fun and easy!

When 97% of the...

Food on a plate with striped brown and beige sauce on top
01 January 2019

Village Taco just launched their new restaurant, spicing up the sprouting vegan scene in the sleepy Alexandria community east of Columbus near Granville. And WOW, they also teamed up with Doughasis and Whit’s (Clintonville) to deliver...

05 December 2018

Comune opened in the Nationwide Children’s Hospital corridor on Parsons Avenue in mid-November to the delight of the surrounding neighborhood. The Columbus Vegan Meetup community has been abuzz with accolades. Even our...

Top down view of a white plate with red cranberry sauce, a brown skinned potato something green and leafy on the side and what looks like rice with something brown on top
31 October 2018

With the latest UN announcements regarding our twelve-year timeline for humanity to adapt to foundationally sustainable practices that mitigate the pollution and cease and desist deforestation that is driving mass global extinction and...


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