Cartoon of elephant performing at a circus
10 October 2018

Many people erroneously self-identify as being “a vegan” when really, they are eating a plant-based diet, and not living in vegan consciousness on any other level, and sometimes, not even within the diet itself.

Someone who self-...

Pineapple cut in half with lots of rice and vegetables inside
02 October 2018

Ye’s Asian Vegan Kitchen just opened in Hilliard’s West Point strip mall just south of the Kroger at Roberts and Hilliard Rome on Sept 16, 2018. While vegan options are expanding in many dietary diversity conscious restaurants globally...

Two brown waffle-ish looking foods on a plate with a dollup of something white and something purple
05 September 2018

&Juice Co. has three locations around town and has a fantastic variety of 100 percent vegan juice blends as well as allergen-friendly (gluten-free/nut free, seed-based alternative) options in Columbus. I was positively impressed by...

Green leaf and a fork and knife and words Columbus Vegfest
25 August 2018

Don't miss the Third Annual Columbus Vegfest today, Saturday, August 25, 10am-5pm at the Whetstone Community Center, 3923 North High Street, Clintonville. There is free admission, free parking and it is adjacent to the Park of Roses. ...

Veganshift logo at bottom and quote "vegan choices are for anyone who wants to: love deeply, think critically, live responsibly
20 August 2018

When we think of loving deeply, we think of expanding that love to all self-aware earthlings. When we think critically, we think of the consequences of our actions not just on ourselves but also on all other individuals (human...

A round pizza looking piece of food that looks like beans and crisscross dribbles of white cream
30 July 2018

The Little Kitchen food truck launched in September 2017 and their menu, that is 100 percent plant-based, offers a lot of allergy-friendly recipes to accommodate those with gluten-free, nut-free, dairy-free, egg-free, etc. requirements...


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