21 July 2021

On the heels of Pride Month and with National Sugar Cookie Day quickly approaching on July 9th, Drag Queen baker, cookie decorator, and owner of Plenty O’Cookies, Alex Copeland is...

Colin Kaepernick
18 December 2020

Ben and Jerry's were "inspired by Colin Kaepernick’s bold activism for racial justice" and made a new flavor: “Colin Kaepernick’s Change The Whirled Non-Dairy frozen dessert.” It’s made with sunflower butter, fudge chips, graham cracker...

Travis Irvine
25 November 2020

As Americans wait to see who will officially take the presidential oath of office in January, many of us are simply breathing a sigh of relief. Finally, one of the most tumultuous, indecent times in American politics has (...

Lots of shots of food and store logo
14 August 2020

Can’t Believe It’s Vegan is a fabulous 100% vegan option for your quarantine home delivery service throughout the greater Columbus Metropolitan area of fresh, delicious, healthy food. They are a breakfast and lunch catering service that...

Vegan products
21 May 2020

Vegans can live an enjoyable life eating the foods we were raised on in this nonvegan society using the amazing vegan alternatives we have been provided with in the modern, ever-evolving, 100% plant-based marketplace we have today....

Portia's Diner sign
13 May 2020

Portia's Diner, offering an all-vegan menu -- is now OPEN for carry out, curbside and free delivery within 5 miles.

Changed hours -- Mon/Tues - CLOSED. NOW OPEN Wed -10a-3p / Thur, Fri, Sat--8a-9p (with PIZZA 4p-9p!), and Sun--...


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