A plate with lots of pasta and green foods on it
05 August 2019

SŌW Plated just opened three weeks ago in Upper Arlington strip on West Lane Avenue strip. They are a full-service, organic, made-from-scratch, locally-sourced vegan-friendly fine dining establishment with vegan and gluten-free options...

Plate of very brightly colorful food - green, purple, orange, red, yellow
08 July 2019

The Whole Thing is a budding fully-cooked, vegan catering company by Jessica Kapusta, that provides delicious vegan, gluten-free and other avoidant alternative foods for those with allergies, sensitivities and ethics of nonviolence, all...

Big bun burger-looking sandwich close-up except it's like layers of beef (though not meat) with cheddar cheese (though not cheese)
03 June 2019

Seitans Realm (100% vegan food truck) just rocked the Columbus food truck scene with their righteous salute to a seitan filled menu! (think ACDC) SR’s BBQ “beaf and chedduh” sandwich and...

Sandwich in a carton with two bowls of food and a card in front that says Can't Believe It's Vegan
02 May 2019

Can’t Believe It’s Vegan just joined the Columbus catering scene with their tasty 100% plant-based options! I finally got to try their Jackfruit Slider I had heard so much about at the Vegan Spring Pop-up Market last weekend, and I...

Close up of a sandwich with lettuce and tomato spilling out the side
03 April 2019

Portia Yiamouyiannis knocked down a wall in Porta’s Cafe and opened the expanded new coffee shop and deli concept “Portia’s Next Door” on Indianola in Clintonville on...

Lots of food in different trays all labeled
24 March 2019

Vegans in Columbus are familiar with Portia's, the vegan restaurant in Clintonville. Now there's a coffee shop "Portia's Next Door" that had its grand opening in February - a new coffee shop and deli with pastries, snacks, juices,...


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