A top down view of a meal - a brown holder with what looks like two taco-like things, and brown drink in a white cup, something in a brown holder at the bottom, white potatoes with something green sprinkled on top and a red flower in a vase and an elephant statue
31 October 2017

Two Dollar Radio Headquarters on the corner of Parsons Ave and Cline St. (across the street from the new Columbus Metropolitan Library) is one of the latest new vegan businesses...

A tray on a wooden table outside with a white cup and blue straw, a bunch of french fries and a burger with visible lettuce and cheese
30 August 2017

Eden Burger’s mission is to “save the f’n world” (go guys go!). They share a building with the south OSU campus area local bar, Village Idiot. Eden Burger officially launched their new high-quality, fast food, artisan vegan burger,...

Cupcake-looking desserts, round, each one a different color, yellow, brown and dark brown with white chocolate chips on a blue plate
01 August 2017

Marlee’s Beany Baked Goods is an exciting, new vegan treat business entering the Columbus food scene with a high protein bean and oat based alternative to conventional wheat flour-based baked goods. She does chocolate brownies, blondies...

Sandwiches with lots of green inside
07 July 2017

TRISM, a fresh, new concept by the Growing Collective, located in the South Campus Gateway, much like their Alchemy concept, also happens to be one of the most healthy, nutrient dense, vegan friendly establishments to open recently....

A cinnamon bun with a sign on it saying Sticky Buns
31 May 2017

Do you ever wonder how vegans survive, or rather, have the discipline to live without dessert, or actually believe vegans live a life of such stinking deprivation? Are you a would-be-vegan or a new vegan desperate for vegan...

The “Good Good Salad” (front center), grilled vegetables (background)
03 May 2017

The Granville Inn, located in the quaint Columbus outlier of Granville, and their chef, Chad Lavley, knows exactly how to serve vegans, and anyone looking for a healthy, delicious, satisfying and sustainable meal. The “Good...


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