Zoning sign
04 August 2023

Part One

My focus in this essay is what I name “the broken—or the evil—triangle” of Columbus versus its residents. Let me be clear. Although many but far from all of my...

Older white man
02 August 2023

ONE. The Ohio State legislature approved $24 million to establish “intellectual diversity” centers at five Ohio public universities. English translation from Right-Wing English: “radical right-wing...

Harvey J Graff
26 July 2023

Reading the fascinating, apparently counter-intuitive report “Parched Peru is restoring pre-Incan dikes to solve its water problem” (Simeon Tegel, Washington Post, Dec. 12, 2022) helped me to crystalize and partially redirect...

Girl reading
21 July 2023

Part Three

Very real debates continue about appropriate expectations for children of different ages and for variations especially by social, physical, and intellectual conditions at each age. Astonishingly, human...

17 July 2023

Part Two

Faculty members and OSU College of Education degree holders Gay Su Pinnell and children’s literature professor and Pinnell’s teacher Charlotte Huck were the receiving agents of Clay’s rhetorical sketch. Without...

An asian boy reading GRAPHiC N0VEL in a Barnes & Noble bookstore in West Hartford, Connecticut
12 July 2023

Part One

It should surprise no one that in 21st  century United States, young children’s learning to read is a landmine within academic capitalism where sales profits trump diverse children’s basic learning and equitable,...


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