Graffiti that says Vote Mexicans go home, Vote Trump
07 August 2020

Former Columbus City Council Candidate Joe Motil states that it is finally time for construction industry leaders to begin addressing the racist, sexist, and homophobic environment on construction projects here in Central Ohio. Columbus...

Fracking image
02 August 2020

Recently I've become aware that OSU wants to build a new power plant that runs on fracked gas, and it's got me pretty angry both as a student and as a taxpayer. I’m a third-year undergraduate student at OSU's School of Food,...

Sign saying My outrage won't fit on this sign
27 July 2020

The United States of America has spent much of its modern history ignoring the most important problems it must solve to be able to move forward as a contemporary democracy. A country that attempted to correct the horror of slavery after...

07 July 2020

This fall the citizens of Franklin County should vote in Nationwide Arena.

As we saw in the spring primaries, there is huge confusion about where our citizens can vote.  The shabby, little-known, woefully inadequate voting center...

Sign saying Cure the Plague of Systemic Racism
30 June 2020

It’s maddening that the three words “Black Lives Matter” is so hard to say for some of our public officials. Those in the majority of the Ohio Assembly, where a resolution was introduced to declare racism a public health...

Cop hitting someone on the ground
21 June 2020

Back in the mid-sixties, in the heady days of Lyndon Johnson’s ‘Great Society Program,’ I was working in my first job out of college as an ‘intergroup relations professional’ at the Detroit Commission on Community Relations. I spent my...


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