Harvey J Graff
31 July 2022

Do the Mayor, City Council, and senior staff need a map of Columbus? A walking tour? A bus tour of their “Opportunity for a Few City”? They cannot turn to Columbus Partnership whose CEO lives in New Albany, the Downtown...

28 July 2022

All codependent relationships cause collateral damage. In the case of a failing marriage with children, the parent’s spawn tend to bear the brunt of the damage. In the case of the City of Columbus and big business, our people bear the...

Harvey J Graff
24 July 2022

In the outpouring of reporting and opinion writing about today’s unprecedented campaigns for unconstitutional book banning and suppression of free speech, on the one hand, and locally-rooted, one shop at a time, unionization drives, on...

Harvey J Graff
17 July 2022

As I continue my search for Columbus’ history and identity, I regularly rediscover the City’s and the city’s willful lack of the foundational elements for a modern city. I return to its absence of typical city reforms toward...

Harvey J Graff
12 July 2022

My struggles to gain democratic legal rights and respect for residents in the “city” of Columbus continue. The three documents reprinted here below elaborate the themes of my recent essays. To expand the discussion to a larger public, I...

Harvey J Graff
05 July 2022

I call for 19th-century urban reforms and an early 20th-century Progressive Era for Columbus, Ohio in 2022.

Columbus clamors for an unimaginable future alternatively as the Columbus Way or Opportunity City. But it has no...


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