19 November 2023

Part Two

All the issues remain on the table despite more than two decades of ignoring, stalling, denying, and lying. Where is university compliance and integrity? Nowhere to be found on the ground, across campus, and the...

Brutus Buckeye on the football field
14 November 2023

Part One

I preface this continuing investigation with breaking news:

The Ohio State University’s Associate Chief of Campus Safety, former Columbus Police district zone director Dennis Jeffrey and Detective...

Columbus Dispatch building
10 November 2023

If anyone—that is, the relatively few Columbus residents who pay attention—had any doubts, the election results and the self-celebration of the re-elected seal the anti-democratic, anti-publics deal.


Joe Motil and Andy GInther
08 November 2023

With no recognizable history or identity of its own, the Columbus anti-democratic Democratic machine—funded by Republican private interests who live outside the city that they have commanded for much of its history—...

Is college worth it with man and graduation hat
02 November 2023

Today’s news overflows with concerns about the cost and benefits—“is college worth it?”--about higher education itself, its price, public vs. private, preparation of both students and professors, on the one hand, and...

Man with a hat
29 October 2023

There’s a cultural rule that holds one’s vote to be exceedingly private. The idea behind such secrecy is more than a matter of privacy: usually people refuse to discuss their political decisions because they lack the reasoning...


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