Black man being handcuffed by cops
09 June 2023

To paraphrase from Mr. Donte Woods-Spikes, Columbus documentarian and speaker extraordinaire: to anyone who’s been triggered by their memories on their newsfeed in the last fortnight, I empathize with you.

Three years ago last...

Handgun and bullets
07 June 2023

Dear Andy, I cannot address you as “mayor.” You take the salary but refuse to do the work. You never accept responsibility, not even for your own staff lobbying for your benefit. You do not tell the truth. You do not lead. You have no...

31 May 2023

There seems to be no political will to address the climate crisis with any meaningful measures. The science is crystal clear: human activity is the # 1 driving force of climate decline. We know this, it’s common knowledge. Yet the...

Book with title Zoning
25 May 2023

A council and mayor of anti-democratic, unrepresentative, unknowledgeable empty sloganeers is bad enough. But they oversee a City government uniquely lacking in both expertise and ethical concern for either residents or the laws. Walk...

23 May 2023

In order to witness firsthand Andy Ginther’s show of force and willingness to “spend whatever it takes to make our city safe” I walked the sidewalks of the Short North for nearly one hour on Friday night.

The police presence was...


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