Words Columbus Media Insider with the M looking like broken glass
26 March 2020

There is no shortage of good journalism even in the profession's weakened state.

There is a shortage of people paying careful attention to what is happening around them and of people making intelligent, fact-based, well-reasoned...

Chihuahua puppies
21 March 2020

“Waiting is full.” That’s what my husband Eric says: waiting is full, of whatever you do with that time. It could be irritation, anxiety or anger or it could be meditation, for example.

We are all in a waiting game here. Waiting...

Slot machines
13 March 2020

Nothing like an impending apocalypse to let us know what’s truly important to our politicians. We commend Gov. Mike DeWine for his much-needed actions fighting the coronavirus, but he hasn’t forced the closure of the state’s casinos,...

Bob yelling into a mic and the words Bob Bites Back
05 March 2020

Well, the Democratic Party machine in Franklin County is delivering the primary vote this year as if it was Tammany Hall. Instead of the mantra “Vote early – vote often” it’s “Vote early – and vote our sample ballot.”

I got a...

Words Columbus Media Insider with the M looking like broken glass
03 March 2020

The Democratic Party calls itself the "party of the people" and labels the Republican Party the "party of money."

Republican Mitt Romney's candidacy for president in 2012 against Barack Obama was skillfully derailed by Democrats...

ACORN Canada logo
13 February 2020

Recently, I was shadowing some of our organizing committee members when they hit the doors in the Mountjoy-Dorset neighborhood of Dublin as they ventured forward to build the first community organization in ACORN’s newest affiliate in...


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