Chart of how many votes presidents lost by
18 December 2019

During the impeachment vote on CNN, there is plenty of the standard mainstream corporate media pablum arguing that an election is being overturned. – stating that the will of the people is being subverted by impeaching Trump.


New York Times with headline about Pentagon Papers
10 December 2019

It’s not the New York Times this time. Although it is another pile of Pentagon papers. Now it’s the Washington Post in an eerie déjà vu moment telling us we were lied to about a war by three presidential...

Words Dispatches from the Front
08 December 2019

The Columbus Cabal

We should rename the Columbus City Council to the Columbus Cabal. Webster’s defines "cabal" as "the contrived schemes of a group of persons secretly united in a plot. A secret clique or faction...

Flyer with the words FAKE large across it
05 December 2019

Yes We Can is to be congratulated for taking on the Franklin County Democratic Party machine again, though the Party machine under the control of Boss Ginther and his sidekick Shannon Hardin, fight any new voices and ideas with all...

US flag with people standing in front
21 November 2019

Democratic institutions are in danger

Today there is a deep split in public opinion in the United States. Democratic institutions are in danger from racism and neo-fascism. Progressives are fighting to save the...

Pink, white and light blue striped flag, the trans flag
30 October 2019

In light of TransOhio’s recent decision to sever all ties with Stonewall Columbus (SWC), I would like to add a few comments.

And while I was not part of SWC’s executive leadership or a member of their Board... I was obviously...


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