Gaza bombing
21 May 2024

Occupation and Resistance – the birth of one heralds the inevitable creation of the other. The existence of the first is the life blood which sustains the second, and the death of one signals the demise of the other. This symbiotic...

Student holding sign saying Let Gaza Live
15 May 2024

Instead of praising Gen Z for their courage, bravery and clear understanding of the US Constitution which enshrined, in its First Amendment, the guarantees of freedoms concerning religion, expression, assembly, and the right to petition...

Hand writing a letter
13 May 2024

A new oil and gas project is coming to Central Ohio, this time in Licking County. The under-construction Freepoint Eco-systems plastic incinerator poses significant risks to public health for Ohioans by creating harmful pollution from...

Sherrod Brown
09 May 2024

I’m a 75-year-old steelworker, with real mobility problems from decades of hard work, especially as a steelworker. I’m living on a...

OSU student encampment
06 May 2024

I’ve watched the developing protests around our nation, here in Columbus,
with a feeling that some things just haven't changed.

Fifty-four years ago I’d gotten off work, was at the Neil Avenue entrance to OSU,


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