10 November 2022

I argue in recent essays that the currently unbridged and apparently unbridgeable gulf between college students’ academic--including classroom--lives, and the anachronistically- termed “extracurricular life”--once actually called...

Tim Ryan
08 November 2022

The midterm election is today, and the Ohio Democratic party faces a catastrophic defeat. J.D Vance gained five percentage points in Emerson College’s...

Dispatch building
05 November 2022

Never a responsible, reliable, or honest newspaper, the Columbus Dispatch, Columbus, Ohio’s only mass—if declining by the day—circulation, no longer daily and no longer news-paper, no longer resembles a legitimate...

Harvey J Graff
02 November 2022

Part Two

The far greatest numbers of students want to do the right thing including obeying laws and respecting neighbors while also having fun and being in their early 20s. No one tells them that the University District is...

Harvey J Graff
30 October 2022

Part One

On Wednesday, September 28, after an early morning medical appointment, I planned a day of writing, punctuated by coffee with a friend and my daily walk. I have books and essays in progress. Instead, I spent most...

Harvey J Graff
27 October 2022

You won’t read this in the Columbus Dispatch or hear it on WOSU. NBC Channel 4 misreported this story on Oct. 17, either purposefully or ignorantly by their “investigative reporter, who doesn’t’ actually investigate. But as usual...


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