Person hold Make American Green Again sign
27 October 2021

This past summer the Ohio Environmental Council (OEC) stated that Issue 7 “is thin on details and short-circuits the city’s ability to mitigate the causes of climate change.” 

“Because the city is already moving toward 100% clean...

Trump holding up a sign
24 October 2021

Surveying the terrain and scratching the surface 

Increasingly, Republicans endorse “the Trump Agenda” — including some who had criticized Donald Trump for his election Big Lie and role in the January 6...

Politics written on a chalkboard
21 October 2021

On Columbus City Council 

I’ve chosen not to follow the mini-election next week very closely. On the one hand, none of the candidates are compelling to me. None are on the level of the present leading...

Governor DeWine
13 October 2021

The saga of Gov. DeWine’s Covid failures progresses. [...

05 October 2021

Can't Gerrymander Statewide Races

While the Republican's once a decade gerrymander hangs in the balance, it is well to remember that one class of races cannot be grotesquely reshaped. Statewide contests, which...

Birds eye view of quarry and words Welcome to Getaway Beach!
24 September 2021

Let’s face it. Columbus needs to be more like Austin.

Both are state capitals and have massive urban public universities. Both are left-leaning oases. Both began to explode in growth during the 1990s, and for the most part remain...


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