Silhouette of a man shooting another man
03 September 2019

Being shot by the police is sadly a leading cause of death for black males in this country, according to an August 2019 study by the Los Angeles Times. During a violent encounter with the police, black males are 2½ times more likely to...

Iron gate with grass and trees on one side and big building with a lot of windows on the other side
25 August 2019

I attended two of the three Pro Musica concerts held in the Franklin Park Conservatory gardens over August 8-11. Both concerts were lovely and distinct. The weather, the moon, stars and the jewel-like lighting in the glass conservatory...

Big white government building with tall gray statue out front and some greenery in the foreground
15 August 2019

COLUMBUS, OH –Columbus City Council Candidate Joe Motil and longtime outspoken critic of the city’s tax abatement policies was encouraged to see that other reputable U.S. news...

Words Columbus Media Insider with the M looking like broken glass
07 August 2019

Having lost the governorship and other statewide offices in 2018, Ohio Democrats have a chance to reassert themselves in state government in 2020 by capturing two Republican-held seats on the Ohio Supreme Court.

Democrats Michael...

Middle aged white man with long thin face and gray hair looking concerned
05 August 2019

Not many people know that the infamous Jeffrey Epstein spent a lot of time in Columbus in the 1990s and owned the second most valuable house in Franklin County, in the plush Stepford suburb known as New Albany. Epstein came to my...

Round topped nuclear plant right on the beach with water coming in
27 July 2019

I feel that we got the final wake-up call at Fukushima and that we need to phase out and shut down the 104 reactors in America.  I will put it very bluntly:  We need to kill them before they kill us.  – S. David Freeman, ninety...


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