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09 December 2020

When a podcast titled “Whites of the Roundtable” is focused mainly on Central Ohio’s most prestigious old-money suburb Upper Arlington (UA), by railing against any affordable housing moving in, this old-money suburb probably has a white...

02 December 2020

What's new with the Columbus Dispatch?

The news is old at the former "Ohio's Greatest Home Newspaper." The late afternoon deadline imposed to accommodate the closing of the Columbus printing plant and its shift...

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29 November 2020

We are all grieving. We grieve the loss of our normal freedom to come and go; to hug a friend; to sit in “The Shoe” with 80,000 other people cheering the Buckeyes; to gather at our local watering hole and share an evening with friends...

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22 November 2020

UPDATE DEC. 6: The Columbus City Council hearing on this issue has moved to December 14th, so letters are still needed!

The award-winning neighborhood institution, Kossuth Street Garden (KSG), is in...

12 November 2020

The Community Festival (ComFest) is seeking applications for its 2021 Community Grants program. Each year, ComFest invites grant applications to support and sustain innovative programming demonstrating a commitment to ComFest’s...

Collage of photos including a black woman talking, a guy with a rifle, people standing in line to vote and Boogaloo boys
02 November 2020

“Premature declarations of elections outcome” is the hot-potato phrase being passed around by lawyers, political operatives and journalists. It sounds way too Trumpian, but if it were to happen from either Trump or Biden it could spell...


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