Columbus skyline
16 September 2022

Readers of my Columbus Free Press essays, especially those who live far from the city, ask me why I remain in a city without history, identity, city services, or democratic government; in a neighborhood whose decline is fostered...

David Harewood
12 September 2022

It’s hard to qualify the events of the last two weeks, so I’ll try to recount the first as best as possible and hopefully someone who reads this can decipher their actual meaning. I’m not ready for the most recent week yet:


09 September 2022

As expected, the “bad mayor” ads launched against Democratic gubernatorial candidate Nan Whaley by backers of her opponent Gov. Mike DeWine in early August are driving up negative sentiment toward Whaley, the former Dayton mayor.


Book cover
05 September 2022

A few years ago, when a very bright and avidly reading eight-year-old friend announced that she had named her new stuffed bear and its cub Bakey and Bearey, I asked her how she spelled the words. Memorably and instructively, she replied...

Harvey J Graff
31 August 2022

Part Two

Student Life versus student lives?

Provost/OAA is not the worse example on campus. That ignoble prize goes to the Office of Student Life or SL. This model for disorganization and dysfunction is headed by a...

Harvey J Graff
28 August 2022

Part One


Faculty, staff, and students are OSU’s greatest assets. But the university’s leaders by sloganeering rarely acknowledge that. Students, staff, and faculty do not share President Kristina...


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