Joe Motil
30 March 2022

Joe Motil, former Columbus City Council candidate and longtime community advocate who is strongly considering running for Mayor in 2023  states that, “Mayor Ginther’s continued Enterprise Zone tax abatement hand outs at the Rickenbacker...

26 March 2022

Ohio's governor is given such great authority that experts say that the officeholder is one of the five most powerful state chief executives in the country.

Then there is Mike DeWine, Ohio's current governor, who acts likes he is...

Post office
24 March 2022

For more than 18 months I have suffered failing service from the U.S. Postal Service. Beginning with Donald Trump’s appointment of the unqualified campaign contributor Louis DeJoy, who also invests heavily in competing delivery services...

Harvey Graff
20 March 2022

I have written about Columbus’ identity crisis and the failure of its media and especially the non-daily, non-news Columbus Dispatch in both the Columbus Free Press and ColumbusUnderground, but I have only touched...

18 March 2022

I recently received a phone call from Andrew Nortz who is a 6½ year resident of Blendon Township and whose one-acre property abuts a new development of 27.88 acres that is currently being cleared for 156 units of one- and two-bedroom...

Harvey J Graff
13 March 2022

The Ohio State University strikes out again. From evidence-free slogans to an ordered, bought, and delivered “consultant’s report” to Campus unSafety non-Alerts and Campus unSafety Officers, who are inactive...


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