Bluish green background and words A Green New Deal with more details
17 February 2019

We believe it is time for every citizen and elected official to show up and find the courage to face the climate emergency. We urge you to seize this moment and stand with all of us by supporting the Green New Deal resolution.


Colorful reddish background like a watercolor in bright vibrant colors, the silhouette of of a woman with a huge natural Afro in blue
11 February 2019

February is the month that is set aside for Black/African American history. For twenty-eight days people who live in the United States, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Ireland and Canada will be indoctrinated with information and...

White middle-aged man in a brown suit at a podium pointed and speaking with an U.S. flag and a screen with pictures behind him
01 February 2019

Columbus Mayor Andrew J. Ginther declared in the annual State Of The City address "The state of our city is strong." He touted development projects across the city such as the One Linden Plan, a master plan for Hilltop, the opening of...

Yellow badge symbol and a black hashtag and words Save the Crew
03 January 2019

Columbus s-CREW-ed

“Save the Crew” fanatics are cheering and celebrating that the soccer team is “saved” and staying in Columbus. Their website touts the wonderful “bright new stadium” to be located to the west...

Black and White drawing of man carrying a huge bag of money
18 December 2018

Ohio lawmakers met at 1:00 in the morning Friday to sneak their pay raises into a Widows and Orphans bill. Besides providing cover for their raid on the taxpayers, the action also prevents Governor Kasich from using a line-item veto ....

White woman with short brown hair smiling and displaying a white computer-looking machine with a big screen
04 December 2018

Well it took all of two weeks after the election, but as expected, our newly-elected Lieutenant Governor and objectively racist Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted has pledged to continue the mass purging of black, minority, young and...


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