Yellow badge symbol and a black hashtag and words Save the Crew
03 January 2019

Columbus s-CREW-ed

“Save the Crew” fanatics are cheering and celebrating that the soccer team is “saved” and staying in Columbus. Their website touts the wonderful “bright new stadium” to be located to the west...

Black and White drawing of man carrying a huge bag of money
18 December 2018

Ohio lawmakers met at 1:00 in the morning Friday to sneak their pay raises into a Widows and Orphans bill. Besides providing cover for their raid on the taxpayers, the action also prevents Governor Kasich from using a line-item veto ....

White woman with short brown hair smiling and displaying a white computer-looking machine with a big screen
04 December 2018

Well it took all of two weeks after the election, but as expected, our newly-elected Lieutenant Governor and objectively racist Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted has pledged to continue the mass purging of black, minority, young and...

Two yellow street signs on a post against a blue sky one says MONEY and one is a money symbol
26 November 2018

In starting an organization, the first thought for many is, “Where do we get the money?” The answer doesn’t have to be that hard. Why not create a dues system? Seems obvious, doesn’t it? Why not have the people who are participating in...

Bulldozer pushing yellow barrels into a ditch
18 November 2018

Please help us generate a large number of quality public comments to the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) in opposition to a 40,000 metric ton highly radioactive, irradiated nuclear fuel, centralized interim storage facility (...

05 November 2018

Donald Trump is in power in large part because Democrats have repeatedly conceded elections they really won.   On Tuesday, that MUST change.  

Anyone deemed a close loser MUST fight.  Every tally must be contested, every denial...


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