Electrical grid
25 December 2022

Remember Texas of another sort. With the coldest Christmas this side of the Solar cycle, ...

Harvey J Graff
17 December 2022

Almost all visitors to Columbus comment with surprise about the city’s dirtiness, trash, broken streets and sidewalks, confusion about parking, and uncontrolled vehicular traffic including bicycles and especially electric scooters.

Birds eye view of OSU
11 December 2022

Note: I refer any one skeptical of what follows, including the subjects of the report, to the public record, OSU Student Legal Services, records of past and current court cases, conversations with current or recent OSU...

Harvey J Graff
08 December 2022

Just as City Council works against public safety and the Columbus Police—reducing the force, under-funding, spouting slogans instead of policy, and refusing to conduct serious gun buy-back programs; the natural environment by approving...

Book cover
03 December 2022

In its continuing private interest- and large public institution-dominated efforts to avoid the popular democratic reforms that remade almost all US cities in the second half of the nineteenth century and even more in the early...

30 November 2022

In this essay, I continue my comparative analysis of Columbus, Ohio, among other North American “we’re a big city now” cities (in the words of one City Councilor). My detailed focus began with “Columbus, meet a ‘real’ city:...


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