City scene
11 May 2023

Is it an accidental that the stack of tourist literature I found recently at rest stops on the Pennsylvania Turnpike included Youngstown and the Hocking Hills but nothing from Columbus, Ohio? Or should that be...

Headline of national article
05 May 2023

After more than 150 years, The Ohio State University (OSU) does not understand that it is now completely within and surrounded by – and has legal responsibilities to – the city of Columbus and its residents.

Among large urban...

Harvey J Graff
02 May 2023

I live in a 110-year-old house on a corner lot in the historic but public- and private-destroyed University District (UD) of Columbus. The area is unsafe, filthy, in disrepair, and unpoliced by the City of Columbus, Ohio State...

Dispatch building
19 April 2023

How can the US’s 14th largest city have the nation’s worst collection of what were once called “legitimate media”? I do not have a comprehensive answer, but I read major clues. Given the broken state of the City government and the...

14 April 2023

Detested by most residents, “hated” to use the word regularly repeated by Columbus Police, and used without obeying the law by relatively few, the plague of unregulated electric scooters is one of Columbus’ few marks of distinction....

White man with red hair
08 April 2023

Dear unrepresentative council member Rob Dorans,

May I give you a tour of Columbus or any other city in the US or the world? Have you ever been to a functional city with credible urban planners and traffic engineers? Do you know...


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