Police car
19 January 2023

Part Two

A new set of factors emerged in winter 2021-22. The first opened a previously unexposed window into the failed interworking of the Assistant City Attorney liaison for the Columbus Police Department (CPD). I first...

Columbus City Hall
15 January 2023

Both cause and consequence of Columbus as the “plague city” is City government’s—Council and paid staff including Columbus Police Department—rudeness. In ways that once surprised me, the City’s disrespect, dismissal, and incivility...

11 January 2023

Part Two

Campus Partners for Urban Community Development

Among OSU’s most glaring if rarely noticed institutional failures is its so-called Campus Partners for Urban Community Development. As I demonstrate in...

Wexner Medical Center
07 January 2023

Author’s note: occasionally in Columbus and especially by OSU football fans, I am alleged to be anti-OSU. Nothing could be farther than the truth—I strive since 2004 for students, faculty colleagues, and highly qualified staff,...

31 December 2022

The lame duck Ohio legislature accomplished little because the majority Republicans were only interested in one thing – solidifying their hold on state government.

Action further restricting abortion flamed out.


Electrical grid
25 December 2022

Remember Texas of another sort. With the coldest Christmas this side of the Solar cycle, ...


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