Sign saying VIctoria's Secret is funding genocide
26 November 2023

On Black Friday, protestors entered the Victoria’s Secret store at the Easton Mall chanting “Free Palestine!” The group of protestors say they have launched a campaign targeting the store because of its strong business relationship with...

Hopewell's grave, historic photo of site people outside talking together
22 November 2023

The state of Ohio boasts some of the most astounding ancient earthworks in the world, which, before the era of pioneer destruction, included more than 10,000 burial mounds, elaborate sets of parallel embankments that together extended...

Button saying I'm the 4th estate, isn't that scary?
10 November 2023

Fossicking through the discord and strife in the world, to find some alluvial meaning, or trace elements of hope, and the common truth about their value and their sources, we have to kneel down, get close, and appreciate anew, the...

Remy ad
08 November 2023

Emmanuel Remy was appointed to Columbus City Council in 2018, like all of his colleagues on Council, not elected. On the very first day he took office, Remy voted to approve the City’s “district” system that some consider fake, and even...

Young child on floor with head in knees and stats on homeless youth
06 November 2023

When Channel 6 news recently called John Coneglio, president of the Columbus Education Association (CEA), he knew exactly how they were going to frame their story on the Columbus City School’s levy, or Issue 11. They asked Coneglio how...

People holding signs
02 November 2023

Political corruption and lack of accountability in the statehouse today are reasons Ohio’s Republican Party supermajority legislators are considering despoiling Ohio’s state parks by fracking, said David Pepper, Cincinnati political...


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