13 January 2022

"We're so thankful to the Ohio justices for ruling in the people's favor. Voters deserve fair, representative, and inclusive legislative maps that include all of our voices. Black, brown, and Muslim Ohioans have always been...

Man stealing a bike
12 January 2022

Did you get a notification from the Citizen app today?

Students and other adults are increasingly worried about their safety with crime seeming to rise around the Ohio State, Linden, and Easton areas. 

Specifically, armed...

Black woman
09 January 2022

Here’s a summary of the January 2022 Free Press Second Saturday Cyber-Salon that happened Saturday, January 8 at 7pm by Zoom.

Watch the video here.


23 December 2021

We are sticking our heads into the sand of reality on Omicron, and the results may be catastrophic.

Omicron is over 4...

17 December 2021

As Ohio Republican Senate candidates Bernie Moreno and JD Vance malign, misrepresent, and demonize hard working Ohioans from immigrant backgrounds, the Ohio Immigrant Alliance urges all people of faith and good conscience to denounce...

Joe Motil
14 December 2021
The following would have been presented as my public testimony in regards to the OSU  40% city income tax break for  25 consecutive years  in consideration of creating 12,000 net full-time jobs. Unfortunately due...


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