Black man in bow tie
17 September 2020

Reverend Doctor T. Anthony Spearman found himself in an unusual dilemma. He was greatly worried about private, for-profit commercial entities secretly coding voting machines. His concern was expected since he is a member of the Guilford...

Person voting on paper
14 September 2020


The Project focuses on the prevention and deterrence of vote tampering via corrupted election machine software.

In 1787, when he left Independence Hall in Philadelphia at the close of the...

Black man standing next to police car
11 September 2020

The struggle to make the Columbus Division of Police reflect the racial make-up of urban neighborhoods goes back nearly 50 years and perhaps longer. But even though federal lawsuits and demands to have more African Americans on the...

Older man reading the USA Today
25 August 2020

The Columbus Dispatch's corporate owners, the Gannett Co., are compelling it to become an honest, diverse newspaper. And you can blame the late, great Al Neuharth. I will explain shortly.

You would have to be a resident...

Chart with rent prices
18 August 2020

In Columbus, the housing crisis is everywhere. People who have been left behind are begging on street corners. For those with housing, rents have skyrocketed, smaller landlords and properties have been bought up by massive corporations...

Three photos, female police chief, male police chief
12 August 2020

Mayor Ginther and the City of Columbus have launched at least two independent investigations into the Columbus Division of Police, and the Mayor recently pronounced that “holding bad cops accountable is critical so we may support the...


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