Black mortar and pestle with greenery around it
07 September 2019

Herbalists Without Borders is an international, non-profit, non-governmental organization that works to deliver health justice and humanitarian aid worldwide through direct service and volunteerism. Some chapters work in war-torn or...

Map of Ohio with the word Battleground across it
04 September 2019

When you know, you know. Take President Donald Trump’s Cincinnati speech just before the El Paso and Dayton nightmares. A handful of lefty protestors compared to roughly 20,000 possessed Trumpers, many of whom use the N-word judiciously...

Young black man with glasses blowing smoke out of his mouth with a cigarette in his hand
25 August 2019

As we approach the 2020 presidential election, you may find yourself in a bout of confusion over the GOP’s agenda. Denying climate change, accepting support from white nationalists, and the marriage of church and state all come to mind...

Drawing of lots of tall buildings words in front Gentrification Zone and Poor People Please Leave Quietly
07 August 2019

In the early seventies I went to East High School and lived right smack in the middle of Mt. Vernon Ave and 21st, in a big ten room brick house. When I lived there the neighborhood was clean. People kept their lawns up and the streets...

Green state of Ohio shape on a sign and words Ohio Cannabis Co.
06 August 2019

Let’s talk about purchasing medical marijuana from an Ohio dispensary. Get out your calculator, supercomputer, Alexa, Siri and a slide rule. You’ll need them. Why? Because buying cannabis can be complicated.

First, what’s allowed...

Two glasses with gold designs on the outside and red liquid inside on a pretty gold flouted tray against a wooden tabletop
05 August 2019

Temperatures during the summer months have been scorching. The last few weeks of July brought a dangerous heatwave throughout Ohio, the greater United States and worldwide. Staying cool during the month of August is achievable, however...


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