13 December 2023

Columbus’s shamed CEO Sean Lane – who failed spectacularly with his shadowy and shady AI software which promised to cut administrative costs for healthcare providers – has somehow once again convinced venture capitalists his AI hocus-...

11 December 2023

A coalition of Ohio environmental & community activists is demanding that the Ohio EPA include community members in their investigation of the impacts from the fire at an GFL Environmental Inc. oil refinery on the city’s...

Man gesturing and a unicorn
06 December 2023

A “Unicorn” in the world of business and finance is a privately held company which has raised $1 billion from investors (i.e., Wall Street). Here in Columbus the much-hyped Olive AI, which was a privately held digital health-care...

Man with backpack by a car with painting on it saying LOSER
04 December 2023

"Dream Scenario" is a clear metaphor for the toxicity of overnight fame on the average person. It also critiques cancel culture and the dangerous impact of our era's constant interconnectedness. Written and directed by Kristoffer Borgli...

Sign saying VIctoria's Secret is funding genocide
26 November 2023

On Black Friday, protestors entered the Victoria’s Secret store at the Easton Mall chanting “Free Palestine!” The group of protestors say they have launched a campaign targeting the store because of its strong business relationship with...

Hopewell's grave, historic photo of site people outside talking together
22 November 2023

The state of Ohio boasts some of the most astounding ancient earthworks in the world, which, before the era of pioneer destruction, included more than 10,000 burial mounds, elaborate sets of parallel embankments that together extended...


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