30 October 2023

UFOs are all the rage, even en vogue, especially after the Pentagon admitted it had secretly been investigating a gigantic white Tic Tac UFO, among others. The mystery is reaching near hysteria and even the Air Force may not have a clue...

24 October 2023

Reefer Madness is alive and well. Remember the drug war when truth didn’t matter? Apparently, those who represent us at the statehouse vehemently oppose cannabis being on the ballot. So, to sway public opinion, they copped...

Kenny Schweickart and marijuana images
17 October 2023

After decades of advocating for fully legal recreational marijuana, there is lament amongst some older stoners and hippies now that Ohio is on the cusp with Issue 2.

The Columbus Free Press, for instance, has...

Man posing in front of trees
14 October 2023

Free trees have become available at our South Side (10/14) and Linden (10/21) community giveaways! Have the perfect spot in your yard for a tree? Reserve yours at ...

Police outside a house at night
05 October 2023
Editorial note:  much of the reader feedback from last week’s story on the death of ...
Close up of a woman's face
02 October 2023

Afghan refugee Donya (Anaita Wali Zada) lives in Fremont but works at a fortune cookie factory in San Francisco. Seeking connection, she decides to send a message out to the world through a cookie in this offbeat vision of the universal...


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