Red medical box with a white cross on the front full of flowers
10 July 2019

Independence Day each year serves as a reminder of the liberties afforded to U.S. citizens and consumers. Yet in 2019, when the word medicine is used the first thing that comes to the mind of many Americans are...

Young white woman in a side view as she looks down
08 July 2019

Social media has had a huge impact, both negative and positive, on the day-to-day lives of most people who use sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Around the world, there are almost...

Two white guys one in a beret drinking wine and cuddling outside
18 June 2019

As a population that is still largely stigmatized and oppressed in most areas of the world, the LGBTQ community is used to an extra set of challenges in their lives, including finding a work-life balance. In the U.S., this is an area...

Red football helmet with a YC logo on the side sitting sideways on a wood table
13 June 2019

The NFL has created headlines over the last few years for many reasons. Whether it’s the Deflategate issue with Tom...

09 June 2019

Lily Kunning (Columbus, Ohio’s community herbalist) has launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund work on a comprehensive online course for girls and young women to learn about their bodies, sexuality, gender, relationships, and more. “It...

Rep Kennedy Kent Barred From Meeting By Democratic Minority Caucus Legal Counsel Sarah Cherry
31 May 2019

Rep Bernadine Kennedy Kent publicly announced Thursday she notified the House Speaker she will not return to the Statehouse, or her legislative office at the Riffe...


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