Cartoonish image of cheating husband
07 November 2022

Homebound Entrepreneurs Against DeWines’ final TV ad buy aims to tell conservative voters the juicy truth about Justice Pat DeWine’s two messy divorces


As the general election season wraps up,...

The Wexner Center and JD Vance
02 November 2022

Art museums and galleries across the US are unionizing. From...

Exit poll tablet
27 October 2022

October 24, 2022

Presidential Election in 2020

Unadjusted Exit Poll (UEP) analysis of the 2020 US Presidential and Senate elections shows the same “red-shift” pattern of Republican favoring...

Ohio Statehouse bird's eye view
21 October 2022

As spooky season rolls around again, that means Ohio’s even-spookier midterm elections will be right behind it. Naturally, a fun way to celebrate Halloween every year is to go visit a scary haunted house, but did you know that you can...

Cartoon about DeWine
18 October 2022

Homebound Entrepreneurs Against DeWines releases their new ad featuring “The Liberal Redneck” to bring attention to all the nicknames Ohioans have given “The DeSwines”


As the general election season rambles on, the...

Collage of photos about the park
13 October 2022

Matthew Davis of Upper Arlington is a die-hard mountain biker and dirt biker. He also considers himself a Scioto River preservationist. Especially for the areas near his home which are cratered by several expansive and deep limestone...


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