Collage of photos, City Council, a BLM protest and Activist kneeling
28 July 2020

The Columbus Way is what our city leaders call the public/private partnerships that have been used to dress up and showcase the 14th largest city in the U.S.

Former Mayor Mike Coleman’s approach, and continuing under Mayor...

Cops and one small woman holding a BLM sign
23 July 2020

Have Columbus city officials ever demanded the Columbus Division of Police to aggressively enforce the law so to generate revenue for the city?

While such a direct demand might not have happened in Columbus, the...

Faces of black young people
10 July 2020

How do protesters move from our downtown streets to force real change in Columbus police?

It is a daunting challenge when you consider over the previous decades all the promises Columbus police, the Mayor(s) and City Council...

Quote from John Ehrlichman
05 July 2020

There’s an old saying: by their deeds shall ye know them … Or, is it by their words, or by their legacy? Race has become one of the most divisive matters of our time. Sparked by the murder of George Floyd at the hands of police,...

People protesting outside City Hall and large Columbus statue
02 July 2020

Historical photo of the time before the bronze statue of Christopher Columbus was removed by order of the Columbus City Council on July 8, 2020.  In the long shadow of the setting sun, the statue of the OG Colonizer Christopher Columbus...

Police arresting someone
27 June 2020

The following story has three sources, a local attorney acting as a protest legal observer and two current Columbus police officers. All insisted on remaining anonymous.

After all that has happened, one would think our...


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