Gay rights flag of Ohio and a man's face
14 June 2021

The Ohio Senate Finance Committee last week added a clause to the proposed 2022-2023...

People testifying
03 June 2021

The Columbus Division of Police has a new chief in Elaine Bryant but this isn’t ceasing the mission of the Columbus Police Accountability Project or “C-PAP,” which is one month into taking sworn testimony from the community as it seeks...

Perry Tarrant
19 May 2021

Local activists are left confused and angered on why Police Chief candidate Perry Tarrant was rejected by the City a second time even though his experience and resumé – and also being “outside the Division” – seemed like a good fit to...

Back of man standing with a briefcase in hand
17 May 2021

The illicit street sale of “fenty” or fentanyl in Columbus is wreaking havoc with its drug dealing violence and overdoses. The opioid epidemic led to illegal sale of fentanyl in the first place, and the HBO documentary “Crime of the...

Sean Stevenson
06 May 2021

The City is giving funding to a handful of violence intervention non-profits, but some say much more is needed. If it were to significantly...

Casey Goodson, A policeman and Adrienne Hood
28 April 2021

Is the Blue wall of silence amongst local law enforcement protecting Jason Meade, the Franklin County Sheriff deputy who killed Casey Goodson? A recent traffic stop by Columbus police officers – stopping the son of Adrienne Hood, no...


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