Faces of the people in the article
19 June 2020
The protesters in our streets have spurred action by our local and state leaders, and it’s long overdue considering the Columbus Division of Police (CDP) officers who have killed our neighbors are still on the force and facing no...
A guy with a bleeding face, cops and protestors
16 June 2020

“There was nothing that I can tell was improper from that incident,” said Clermont County (Bethel) prosecutor Vince Farris about the sucker punch to the back of the head of a peaceful protester.

Since Sunday, June 14,...

People marching with big banner
13 June 2020

Mayor Ginther and many others are calling for a civilian review board to investigate and rule on police misconduct, but recent history from other cities has shown many civilian review boards to be mostly ineffective.


People holding signs saying Stop Criminalizing Children
09 June 2020

“It is a basic right to learn in a building that is not 95 degrees. I never had that all four of my years in high school, but I did have an armed officer every single day of the year.”

The 72-hour...

Black woman smiling and white man talking
05 June 2020

The union representing the Columbus Division of Police (CPD) told the Free Press they are willing to negotiate for a civilian review board when negotiations for the next police union contract begin at the end of this year....

Cop spraying black man with hands in air
02 June 2020

The Columbus Division of Police (CPD) was told last year by the Matrix Consulting Group that its directive allowing officers to use pepper spray against non-violent protesters should be “reviewed” because it allows “use of force without...


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