Police arresting people
02 February 2024

Two more Columbus of Division of Police officers were arrested for stealing and dealing illicit drugs, the second such arrest over the...

18 January 2024

Starbucks workers continue to win union organizing victories in stores across the country, as workers at the Worthington store overwhelmingly voted to join Starbucks Workers United. With a unanimous vote of 22-0, partners at...

Proud Boy getting ready to punch a woman a a protest
29 December 2023

The Proud Boys in their bee-suits with mass-shooter guns slung over shoulders will be at the Ohio Statehouse on January 6, 2024 to commemorate the US Capitol insurrection, this according to the Ohio Right Watch of Cleveland, which is “...

21 December 2023

For several years now the winter solstice event at Serpent Mound, where candles or luminaries were placed so to outline the Native American effigy mound, has been canceled and this year will be no different.

Serpent Mound is...


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