Joe Motil
18 November 2021

When and where is non-conforming high density new development appropriate? For several years now, residents from across Columbus, especially in urban neighborhoods (but not limited to) have been at odds with developers and city...

Out with the old leadership, in with the new
15 November 2021

The COP 26 climate talks took place in Glasgow, Scotland last week. COP stands for Conference of Parties – it is the annual meeting of countries of the world under the auspices of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate...

Vet with boy
11 November 2021

We republish this article from 2015. US Army veteran Gena Smith (pictured above) served in Iraq as an intelligence specialist and experience combat many times during her year-long deployment. She is also a victim of Military Sexual...

23 October 2021

No surprise is how the Columbus Division of Police and its union, the Fraternal Order of Police Capital City Lodge #9, are...

Collage of photos of three women
17 October 2021

Columbus Police Chief Elaine Bryant repeatedly stated during her first four months of leadership that she will hold her officers accountable for any misconduct. 

As recently as October 6 at the meeting of the...

11 October 2021

October has beennamed “Breast Cancer Awareness Month.” In its honor and for breast cancer patients … 

Who started Breast Cancer Awareness Month?

According to the National Breast Cancer Foundation, “October...


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