Smiling older white man
29 September 2020

Livestream Response to the Trump/Biden Presidential Debate
11 pm, Facebook: ...

Julian Assange
19 September 2020

The power of Wikileaks in upholding whistle-blower rights is the reason millions of dollars has been spent by a global coalition of the rich, powerful, and corrupt to discredit the co-...

Breaking News
16 September 2020

BREAKING: ICE Detainee Faints After Hours with Breathing Difficulties and No Medical Care, Taken to Hospital, Status Unknown

Call 419-947-4085 and tell the Morrow County Commissioners to Close...

Man with head in hands, another man posing
15 September 2020

Last night’s Columbus City Council 4-3 vote that indefinitely tabled an ordinance which would have put limits on the Columbus Division of Police use of chemical agents, helicopters, military-type rifles and “less-lethal” munitions –...

Man in uniform
10 September 2020

How much incompetence can one county jail exhibit, and continue to operate? A jail break Tuesday (September 8th) from the Morrow County Correctional Facility in Mt. Gilead should be the last straw. 

Despite warnings this would...


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