Proud Boy getting ready to punch a woman a a protest
29 December 2023

The Proud Boys in their bee-suits with mass-shooter guns slung over shoulders will be at the Ohio Statehouse on January 6, 2024 to commemorate the US Capitol insurrection, this according to the Ohio Right Watch of Cleveland, which is “...

21 December 2023

For several years now the winter solstice event at Serpent Mound, where candles or luminaries were placed so to outline the Native American effigy mound, has been canceled and this year will be no different.

Serpent Mound is...

Judge Mingo and some headlines
12 December 2023

Every citizen of Columbus should be alarmed by the recent actions of two local politicians. One politician—who was up for re-election in November-directly contacted a judge to influence a pending civil matter in which he was named a...

Young black woman
11 December 2023

Today’s announcement by Environmental Court Judge Stephanie Mingo that she would recuse herself from hearing the City of Columbus v. Wilson 845 LLC (Greyhound/Baron’s) case should be of no surprise. And the residents of the...

Greyhound bus
08 December 2023

WSYX ABC 6 broke a story today claiming “Court docs accuse Columbus mayor of pressuring judge to shutdown Greyhound Barons bus terminal.” ...


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