Black silhouette of woman holding the hand of a little girl holding a baby in other arm
06 March 2019

Columbus, Ohio – Ahead of Ohio Governor Mike DeWine delivering his State of the State address, Planned Parenthood Advocates of Ohio highlights how Governor DeWine’s priority to outlaw abortion and criminalize medical professionals for...

Bald white man with glasses with white goatee talking and making hand gestures
24 February 2019

COLUMBUS, OH – Joe Motil, candidate for Columbus City Council attended today’s public hearing at City Hall that was held by Councilwoman Shayla Favor for a proposed designated Kenny & Henderson Community Reinvestment Area (CRA). The...

White man yelling into a mic with words Bob Bites Back
13 February 2019

The best place to start to understand the undemocratic nature of U.S. elections is to search “Paul Weyrich” and “Goo Goo” online. Weyrich, who states in the speech that “…I don’t want everybody to vote,” is co-founder of the Moral...

Columbus Media insider logo with M looking like shattered glass
06 February 2019

Let's take a field trip to Delaware County to learn about government and politics at their worst. 

Our field trip takes us to the City of Powell and Liberty Township, two contiguous entities in central southern Delaware County,...

White bald man in white shirt at a podium speaking
30 January 2019

Joe Motil, a longtime community advocate for fairness and equality for Columbus neighborhoods was told by Mayor Andrew Ginther’s office that he was not permitted to represent the...

People holding a big banner outside that says Viva nuestra america unida! and a lot of faces of people
03 January 2019

Venezuela Under Siege 

What would you do if you were a...


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