Weed plant
13 September 2020

This year – 2020 – marked the 50th anniversary of many momentous moments: breakup of the Beatles, emergence of Earth Day, killings at...

Cartoon man in a spiral
24 August 2020

Political commentators have spent nearly four years trying to understand why Donald Trump spreads lies, ignores constitutional norms and otherwise fails to act like the president of the United States. In a new...

Ohio GOP logo
13 August 2020

Throughout 2020, I keep reaching the same political conclusion about the Republican Party, at both a national and state level. Even though this year has felt like 1918, 1968, 1998 and 2008 combined, it’s pretty wild how many crises the...

Young woman smiling and standing outside
29 July 2020

NEWS ITEM: Alaina Shearer, insurgent Democratic candidate for John Kasich's old Congressional seat (OH-12), caused shockwaves in Republican circles when she outraised her opponent U.S. Rep. Troy Balderson in the most recent reporting...

Black man with his head in his hands
16 July 2020

After Columbus police maced City Council President Shannon Hardin while he was peacefully protesting, activists were certain he would finally flex his political power to make change.

But instead, some activists now say his...


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