Cartoon of Bernie Sanders
02 March 2020

There’s a monumental shift happening in U.S. politics today, whether people like it or not. While the majority of Americans have been waiting for it for years – even decades – there are many others who remain vehemently opposed to the...

28 February 2020

Bernie Sanders’ 2016 presidential campaign coincided with explosive growth in the American Left. Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) surged from 6,500 members in 2012 to 24,000...

State of the city sign in front of West High School
16 February 2020

Columbus has been truly a “Tale of Two Cities” to emphasize the true meaning of this year’s State of the City Address. While Columbus has been touted in success stories and innovations, there is still that one-third of the community...

Bernie Sanders
05 February 2020

In a time when American politics keeps getting more bizarre, yet another bizarre occurrence happened last month when the two leading progressive candidates in the Democratic primary were pitted against each other, resulting in what...

Bob yelling into a mic and the words Bob Bites Back
03 February 2020

Should the Franklin County Democratic Party (FCDP) be endorsing in a primary? Jonathan Beard (55th Ward) said “No” at the January Franklin County Democratic Party Central Committee meeting and was backed by none other than the...

01 February 2020

Power players in the Franklin County Democratic Party think you’re stupid. At least the propaganda campaign they’re running around the FCDP Central Committee race makes it look that way.

In 2016 a number of progressive Democrats...


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