Three white men
02 October 2021

Ohio’s elected Republicans at all levels of government fail the public. It worsens rather than improves. They act against public health and safety; imitate reactionary policies in other states, often unrelated to Ohio; act...

30 September 2021

On September 17, three Ohio civic organizations and six individual Ohioans filed suit in the Supreme Court of Ohio, seeking to block the state general assembly plan adopted by the Ohio Redistricting Commission on September 16...

17 September 2021

September 15 was a signal day in Ohio politics and journalism.

First, the Republican Rigging Ring proved true all the aspersions I cast about them in my September column...

Homeland Security logo
11 September 2021

As the 20th anniversary of 9/11 comes and goes this month, hopefully Americans start to recognize one thing that still persists past the ceremonial pageantry and patriotism we typically see on this day every year –– the continuation of...

Morgan Harper at rally
23 August 2021

Morgan Harper is not like the others and the Free Press can count the ways. She goes door-to-door for her own campaigns. She’s handing out free food at a Parson’s Avenue pantry, which she did at the onset of the pandemic. She’s...


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