15 December 2021

The contrast between being in touch with our better angels and being in the grip of the devil is never more pronounced than during the holidays. In that "spirit" for my year-ending column, I offer up several news items followed by an...

Map of Wisconsin
09 December 2021

It appears possible that since November 2006, no Wisconsin statewide election has been conducted in full compliance with Wisconsin law according to public records sent to the Columbus Free Press by the Wisconsin Elections...

17 November 2021

The grassroots Ohio Citizens Redistricting Commission (OCRC) slammed Ohio Republicans on Tuesday following the release of their updated congressional map proposal which would make 13 of the Ohio’s 15 congressional districts favor the...

Morgan Harper
06 November 2021

One day after Ohio Republicans introduced the nation’s most restrictive abortion bill, progressive Senate candidate, Morgan Harper, spoke at a press conference on Friday in the shadow of Ohio’s Statehouse. “We are hanging by a thread...

28 October 2021

Last year with your help, Columbus passed Issue 1, setting up the largest 100% renewable energy aggregation program in the Midwest. Clean Energy Columbus is now a reality.

Not only does the power for your phone, computer,...

Man holding protest sign
12 October 2021

There’s unexpected Democratic opposition to entrenched incumbent Congresswoman Joyce Beatty this year for Ohio’s 3rd district House seat. The Sunrise Movement’s local hub announced Friday that they’re endorsing lesser-...


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