Black and white drawing of a hand holding the Earth
19 April 2019

What’s Right

Compost Exchange: This is an important and convenient way to keep food out of the landfill to get it used in urban gardens and farms. For a small fee you take home a yellow tub, put...

Black silhouette of a guy with hands on hips and a cape billowing out to the side
06 April 2019

We all have our own Origin Story that brings us to who we are today.  Whether it has brought trauma or prestige, all origin stories must be understood as how we begin.

Before starting let us all establish ground rules.  All Super...

Yellow pamphlet with words Copwatch Pocket Guide at top and a drawing of two cops apprehending the Statue of Liberty
03 April 2019

New Chief:There’s a new Interim Columbus Police Chief in town – 29-year CPD veteran Thomas Quinlan – replacing embattled Kim Jacobs during the nationwide search for a permanent chief. Lucky him, walking into this mess…...

White SUV police vehicle with red and blue on the side saying POLICE
03 April 2019

The Columbus Police Department (CPD) is out of control. And, they are getting away with murder. Within recent years, the CPD has shown excessive and lethal force which has left several citizens dead or wounded.  Among the dead are Tyree...

Big governmental building with statue of Christopher Columbus in front, some bushes against a blue sky with white clouds
10 March 2019

At the February 27th gathering of the Columbus Metropolitan Club, Columbus Partnership President and CEO Alex Fischer proclaimed: "The world of professional sports will be writing [sic] and studying what the Save The Crew movement did...

Black woman with hair up in braids side view smiling with eyes looking down as she holds a newborn baby
09 March 2019

Friday, March 8, on International Women's Day, Governor Mike DeWine released his administration’s’ Home Visitation Pilot Program after receiving recommendations from the Governor’s Advisory Committee, which suggested to invest an...


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