Words Columbus Media Insider with the M looking like broken glass
03 March 2020

The Democratic Party calls itself the "party of the people" and labels the Republican Party the "party of money."

Republican Mitt Romney's candidacy for president in 2012 against Barack Obama was skillfully derailed by Democrats...

ACORN Canada logo
13 February 2020

Recently, I was shadowing some of our organizing committee members when they hit the doors in the Mountjoy-Dorset neighborhood of Dublin as they ventured forward to build the first community organization in ACORN’s newest affiliate in...

Words Columbus Media Insider with the M looking like broken glass
05 February 2020

If the Columbus Dispatch could be trusted to report accurately and fairly about itself, readers would be more likely to trust its coverage of other matters and the paper's circulation and readership might stop hemorrhaging....

Drawing of Kobe Bryant and words R.I.P Kobe Bryant
03 February 2020

There has been an increase in the things that have separated us as Americans in our nation these past three years. We have been separated by hate. In 2018, the FBI reported that 16,039 law enforcement agencies submitted hate crime...

Cartoon of baby Jesus only its Trump in the manger
31 December 2019

A sign at the Columbus’ December 17 Impeach and Remove rally joked: “Impeachment: It’s not just for blow jobs any more.” As funny as this saying is, the reality of what prompted the current impeachment process and society’s response is...

Chart of how many votes presidents lost by
18 December 2019

During the impeachment vote on CNN, there is plenty of the standard mainstream corporate media pablum arguing that an election is being overturned. – stating that the will of the people is being subverted by impeaching Trump.



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