White bottle on a shelf with word Roundup on it
17 September 2018

Poverty is inexcusable when as many as 45-million Americans are classified at or below the federal poverty guidelines. The Poor People’s Campaign of Rev. William Barber says that 140,000,000 Americans of all colors and races are ‘poor...

Drawing of two masks, one smiling, one frowning
06 September 2018

As September begins, Ohio’s newly formed medical marijuana program continues to be plagued by various delays and failures. As a direct result, our state’s patients, who are in dire need of the treatment cannabis provides, will have to...

White woman in wire-rimmed glasses smiling in a pose with a police hat and uniform on
05 September 2018

To accomplish something means that you have successfully achieved what you set out to do when you started a task. If you accomplish something you are a person that has done well, typically because of study or practice. It takes hard...

Black & white photo of a thin bald man sideways speaking and gesturing with arms outstretched to a crowd of people
20 August 2018

A hundred years ago, the greatest political show trial in United States history took place. It began in Canton, Ohio when the legendary socialist Eugene Victor Debs denounced U.S. involvement in World War I.

On June 16, 1918,...

Words Columbus Media Insider with the M looking like broken glass
06 August 2018

What has become of the Columbus Dispatch, that cranky, one-sided, right-wing, influence-peddling, friend-rewarding-and-enemy-punishing, black and white with a splash of color and read all over, or at least in break rooms and...

A cityscape against a horizon with sunrays shooting from the ground to a blue sky on right and fiery sky on left with the fore ground at right green grass and at left cracked and dry
30 July 2018

Jobs or the environment? That's the tragic dilemma in which the powers that be seek to trap the global working class forever, convincing us that we cannot have both. We desperately need to find a way out of this dilemma . . . before the...


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