09 March 2022

The race to break the glass ceiling in Ohio by electing a woman as governor or as U.S. senator this year has been superseded by the aggressive actions by the highest ranking female elected official in Ohio, the one and only Ohio Supreme...

Lincoln and Washington
18 February 2022

Like many Americans, I plan on spending Presidents’ Day weekend going to all of the incredible mattress sales happening around our fine country, while reflecting on the great men –– yes, after 245 years, all of our presidents...

Trump and Renacci
11 February 2022

Just how many sensible Republicans are left in the state of Ohio? For Free Press fans it’s a cringe worthy question but during these times, well worth asking.

The upcoming GOP gubernatorial primary could further expose...

28 January 2022

(Begin satire.)

Jed, my third cousin twice removed, has a small rural home 60 miles north of Columbus. He is a typical news consumer in that he does not read a reputable daily newspaper or daily news website but consumes...

People in a funeral procession holding a democracy sign
26 January 2022

In the weeks following the one-year anniversary of the January 6 insurrection, there were countless editorials, think pieces and discussions in the media about whether or not American democracy was “dead.” From Fareed Zakaria on CNN to...

10 January 2022

An old political axiom is: "You can't beat somebody with nobody."

An Ohio political axiom is: "It is hard to win the first time around for statewide office. Ohioans vote for the familiar."

Considering the two axioms...


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