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04 October 2020

I want to review an amazing little book called WHO MOVED MY CHEESE? By Dr. Spenser Johnson. It’s about change and how to deal with it effectively....

Gail Larned
25 September 2020

Here is my story, my vision of a possible future. I encourage you to think about and write down YOUR vision for the future. How would you create the future...

Gail Larned
21 September 2020

I have been a spiritual seeker over the last several decades.  Along the way, I have studied a variety of teachings from different traditions, spiritual...

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25 August 2020

Definition from the Greek paradigm meaning pattern: “A paradigm is a scheme for understanding and explaining certain aspects of reality.”

For the...

Gail and words Calling All Seekers
29 July 2020

Let’s talk about Mindfulness. Mindfulness is one of the main components of yoga and one of its biggest benefits. Mindfulness is ...

09 June 2020

Love is Letting Go of Fearis the title of a small book  with a big message. You can think of love and fear as sides of a coin: while the one side is...